Friday, September 27

Lipoderm Ultra Review: Does It Really Work?

Lipoderm Ultra is a gel that is applied on the skin and that promises fat in certain problem areas as hips and thighs. Avant Labs, the company that makes the product specifies the functionality of this product as reducing fat retention in these problem areas by decreasing the sensitivity of the fat cells to insulin which also inhibits the water retention by using a diuretic. Lipoderm Ultra gel contains yohimbine hydrochloride an ingredient used in a number of weight loss drugs and that has been linked to a number of heart problems so people who are at risk of heart problems should not use the product. The gel is applied on to the skin as opposed to other weight loss remedies that are ingested. Yohombine which is one of the main ingredients in the gel comes from an African tree and has been use for various purposes such as increasing libido, treating depression and also to stimulate weight loss. This ingredient however has a number of side effects such as dizziness, insomnia, anxiety and even paralysis.

Active Ingredients in Lipoderm Ultra
The active ingredients in the gel as listed on the official website include yohimbe HCl, caffeine, octopamine HCl, sesamin, synephrine, acetyl-Icarntine, ascorbyl palmitate, and lecithin.


The product also has a number of inactive ingredients that are listed as benzyl alcohol, water isopropyl alcohol, triglyceride complex, n-methyl-2- pyrroidinone, laurocapram, I-menthol, and carbomer.

Effectiveness of Lipoderm Ultra
A lot of people who have used the gel have reported mixed results. It works differently for different people and the time it takes for the results to be visible will also vary from one person to the next. So just like any other weight loss supplement, you need to understand that you will not get the same results as anyone else and that the results may take a while before they can be quantified.

Side Effects and Warnings
The side effects that come with using Lipoderm Ultra will mostly come from the ingredient yohombine hydrochloride which has been linked to heart problems. The ingredient can also cause such side effects as nausea, dizziness, insomnia, hallucinations, anxiety; paralysis end may even result in death when used in abnormally huge quantities. Avant labs however say that the side effects are less likely to occur since the gel is applied on to the skin and not ingested. But remember that even if you apply on the skin, the product’s ingredients are likely to find their way into the bloodstream where they could result in all of these side effects.

Directions for Use
The gel is applied on the skin in areas that you consider problem areas when it comes to fat loss. The gel should be rubbed into the skin twice daily where you desire to lose weight. The gel should then be allowed to dry for 2-3 minutes. You can begin with four pumps and increase the dosage every day, but
never use more than 8 pumps at one application or 16 pumps a day. If you experience any side effects, you should stop using the gel.

Final Verdict
Like very many other weight loss supplements, Lipoderm Ultra promises fast weight loss especially in problematic areas but just like all the others, the side effects are pretty serious yet the effectiveness of the product cannot be quantified. Although it can be effective in helping to tone some of these problem areas, there is very little evidence that it will actually help you lose weight by reducing fat. If you decide to use it though, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor before you do.

Thursday, September 26

Bio Oil Review: Is It Safe To Use Bio Oil?

Are you currently looking at having Bio Oil for stretch-marks ? You might have been advised Bio Oil for marks by an expert ? BioOil is a topical ointment skin care oil that can help increase the appearance of stretch marks , scars , aging skin and bumpy skin tone . It may be applied to the body or face but keep away from the sensitive eye area . There are many online reviews of Bio Oil , most positive along with the clinical researches . In conjunction with the reviews , you will find several articles which have recommended Bio Oil If the product has been suggested around the eyes due to scarring damage , we advise using a test patch firstly and examine side effects .     


Bio-Oil consists of more than 30 ingredients , such as synthetic oils , natural oils from flowers and seeds , such as lavender oil and rosemary oil , and numerous chemicals , such as benzyl salicylate and Alpha-isomethyl Ionone . The main ingredient is mineral oil ( paraffinum liquidum ) along with the material that is credited for the product's curing capability is PurCellin .

Though few independent studies have been carried out , Bio-Oil research shows that controlled researches proved no side effects or skin reactions to this product while used as instructed .

What People Say:
Online surveys and messages boards suggest high acceptance rates to make this product each in European countries along with the USA Two conditions , scars and pregnancy-related stretch-marks , are stated more frequently and more favorably than wrinkles and acne . The truth is , acne appears to be the condition in which lots of people express regret with the product . Generally , people have positive things to say , generally which include the fairly cheap for Bio-Oil in comparison to likewise marketed products .

Wednesday, September 25

Stretch Marks: Natural Ways To Avoid Them

When you feel pregnant , gain lots of weight or more likely to put on fat later in life , you will observe these small marks on your body called stretch marks . This is when the skin has excess tension and all these small scar lines seem at the position where it has been stretched too much .

Important vitamins are extremely beneficial in getting rid of the scars from the skin . There are numerous laser treatments right now easily in reach of everybody but the natural home remedies are quite useful and have worth saying results . 

Below are few of the simplest and best tricks for stretch-marks elimination ,

  • Vitamins K is an important vitamin which is valuable in protein modification and avoids dermis scaring . Use as much as green veggies that are filled with vitamin K . They include herbs , dark leafy greens , spring onions , cabbage and pickled cucumber . Make a salad of such veggies and try to use it as a vital component of your meals . I know you may find rid of the irritating stretches on your body .
  • Aloe Vera is the greatest source of Vitamin E . Use it directly or make some kind of liquid paste as you feel comfortable , on the skin to remove the stretch marks .
  • Skin care experts say that cocoa butter needs to be used in pregnancy to avoid stretch-marks .
  • The much more you glycerin the much more the body will stay soft . And you will have less stretch in the skin . So make a routine to maintain the skin oily or hydrated with a glycerin of some kind of lotion
  • Almond oil contains Vitamin E that is very required for the elimination of stretch marks . Apply almond oil daily at night . Give a gentle massage on the affected spots to obtain acceptable results in a day instead of many months or years .
There are several creams  like Revitol, Skinplexin and also Mederma , which may be commonly used in dealing with reduced skin together with being pregnant skin skin damage . It truly is far affordable those of you who take care of your stretch marks with your lines and signs of aging or sagging skin in addition to this . You will discover a number of treatment procedures from the market which can make states relieve along with averted a from connecting with . 

The amazing solution to figure out a few of the top stretch mark solutions usually to inquire other individuals whatever they get undergone using those creams . Asking for family and friends may be a great starting , however they also will possibly not have attempted any therapy.

A brand new best mark cream will help remove the dirt with style . Only for pregnant and breastfeeding a baby ladies , doctors strongly against by means of products that include retinol . However the swiftest solution could be laser light stretch mark help , no one is ok with using this procedure as a result of charge , security together with issues .

Tuesday, September 24

Does It Works Stretch Marks Cream Really Work?

The Stretch Mark Moisturizing Body Cream by It Works provides lavish moisture while reducing the presence of stretch-marks and other scars . It is a non-greasy strong mixture of botanicals which will stability the skin tone and recover your skins younger glow and firmness .

The stretch mark cream is ideal for pregnant and breastfeeding moms who wish to reduce the presence of stretch-marks both throughout and after pregnancy . The stretch mark cream may be used from the neck down two times per day as part of your every day beauty routine .

The cream includes aloe extract that offers an enzymatic action that could absorb corroded matter and clear infected skin-cells . As it might pass through the deepest of your skin , it allows water along with moisturizers to be soaked up into the skin , bring back lost fluids and exchange the fatty layers . The uronic acids ( remove impurities and their destructive effects ) are allowed to deeply go through the skin and increase the cleansing astringent energy of the aloe vera to be more useful . Through a state of the art technology , the remarkable features of aloe extract are synthesized into Stretch-marks and Moisturizing Body Cream that reduces the appearance of stretch-marks , fine lines and wrinkles and assist in rejuvenating and hydrating the skin layers to provide a good skin tone and younger looking .

Due to this fact , the cream pleased users with following :

#1 : Effectiveness
#2 : Ability to Repair Stretch Marks
#3 : Enhance Collagen and Elastin {Production|Generation}
#4 : Helps with Decrease of Older Marks
#5 : Help Restore Skin