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Supplements are called supplements for a reason. They are to be used as supplements to your food intake. The primary use of dietary supplements should be to fill the void left by any nutrient deficiency which may exist in your diet.

Keep in mind that proper nutrition is far more important than your intake of dietary supplements. Before you can choose a dietary supplement which is right for you, you should have a balanced and healthy diet, because if you practice poor nutrition, the effects of your dietary supplements will not be as effective.

A naysayer of dietary supplements will tell you that you can get all the nutrients you need from your diet or even that supplements are simply “expensive urine.”  This is absolutely false in my opinion. Firstly, the nutrient requirements of active individuals is vastly different from their sedentary counterparts, and secondly, not everybody is interested in just getting by.

So while supplements are not magic pills that will solve all your problems, proper supplementation can help you achieve your specific fitness goals faster and more efficiently.
A Quick Word About our Supplements Reviews & Ratings

Since all supplements are goal specific, you may see a supplement get a high rating and a low rating. For example, diet pills are great for weight loss, but for muscle building, they are not. Pick your primary goal and focus your training, nutrition, and supplementation to get the best, quickest, and longest lasting results.

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