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How to handle winter asthma: Guest Post

It is common that people catch the problem of asthma in the chilling winters. This is a key season, which calls for the attacks of asthma more than it can occur in any other season. As the cold season arrives, it rings a bell for the people who have got asthma. So it is true one can say that cold air asthma trigger recorded twice as much in early winter.

In the problem of asthma, the main problem which occurs is in the lungs, which becomes irritable in this season. They become far too reactive in the early winters as compared to any other season. In the winters, it is possible for the viruses have a greater impact in the lungs. These things bring asthma easier and faster in people in early winter. The blocked nose creates a lot of irritation and breathing problem that one just prefers to live alone. With the passage of time, the problem becomes grave and need medical treatment on priority basis. Usually for the patient suffering from asthma, winter becomes a terrible season as it makes the life miser for them. Such effects can be seen during snow fall, as well as, the rain when the temperature goes down drastically.

But the arrival of winters does not mean that one cannot do anything about the problem of asthma. It can be controlled by keeping a few things in mind. 

What to do?
·         The best way to throw off the attacks is to keep up with the regular medication of asthma from the time when the winter has not started. This is very necessary for the people who have not been taking their medication in the past. They need to pay extra attention to this fact that they can become very much exposed to the possibility of having an attack. 

·         This usually happens due to the carelessness people adopt in the summer season in which it is not very much to have the problem of asthma. According to the experts, this is the gravest mistake that people make while they are feeling fine. 

·      People should know the things which make the problem to trigger, and they should avoid them with great efforts. The specific symptoms, which can occur at the time of the attack should also be known by the patient. 

·         One should make a plan, which will include all the medications, triggers and the symptoms, which are related to this problem, and keep a look out for them. The medication for this season should be faster-acting, and should always be available to the patient. This will make sure that the patient gets immediate relief at the time of the attack.

·         The patient needs to make a habit of keeping the peak flow meter with him all the time. This is a special kind of device, which is to help people keep a watch on their asthma. 

Author’s Bio: This article is prepared by a medical assistant in the field of asthma and breathing related diseases. He shares his writings with drsshealthcenters.


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